Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flutter Lashes

A few shots of stephanie and her wild feather lashes.

Prego Jude-O

I believe pregnancy is the epitome of all that is female. It's what changes a girl into an Aphrodite. I did my best to reflect this idea, a couple years back, using my favorite model Jude while she was pregnant with her first child.


I'm pulling out the old school photos now. These are from 2005 I believe. I took Tim out west of town w/ his violin and shot these with my old SLR film camera.

And then the last shot on the roll I had Tim snap a photo of me.

A's I Found Today

Working on doing an urban alphabet series with letters I find around town. Here's a start for it with the letter A. All of which were found and captured in less than an hour. Can't be that hard to get through to Z.

Splatter and Shatter

I took the camera out Monday morning and went all around downtown Salt Lake. I am working on a project of doors on 2nd South (soon to come) and I've found that it's the things in between the doors that are becoming more interesting. I may just have to change the entire project and call it 'In Between Doors'. ...then again maybe not.